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Time for some trivia. I work out of the same building as the London Stock Exchange at Paternoster Square. Here is a view from the inside. What you see in the picture is the famed artwork of Greyworld called The Source, which is a physical representation of the stock markets, a full eight stories high! Wikipedia has this to say about it:

A cube of 9x9x9 (729 in total) spherical balls are suspended on cables that run the full 32 metres height of the main atrium of the newly designed building. These spheres, controlled by a computer running Python scripts, can move themselves independently of each other, forming dynamic shapes, characters and fluid-like motions that reflects the nature of the stock market itself. The sculpture opens the market each morning at 8am, with the spheres breaking free from their default cube arrangement to form elegant patterns and shapes. Throughout the day the sculpture responds to reputable news feed and displays snapshots of the current headlines, written in full height of the atrium. At the end of each day’s trading the spheres return to their cubed arrangement, resting on the sculpture’s base, and blue lights inside each sphere are illuminated to show the stock market’s closing price with an arrow to indicate how the market performed on that particular day.

Now this is the kind of stuff that geeks like me find way, way, way cool. Can’t help it!


  • The Contact Information put up was a well awaited one…
    The Inside View of London Stock Exchange is Marvellous…Could have got a better idea if you could point to some more images of your workplace…

  • superb technology.. are the cubes controlled by python scripts?? toooo much daa.. :-)
    well, put more in your blog when u get time.. this is the way to get to know more on things like that.. :-)

  • You are gen putting too much pseud da.. You dont evn call me on weekends :(

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