Talentless and soporific

What does a talentless, soporific New Age writer do when he realizes he is all three? Simple: he points elsewhere.

  1. Abnormal Returns: I’m not a fan of talentless, soporific New Age writers who point somewhere else, but this is a happy exception. The average quality of content being pointed to is very high and it’s updated daily (content and fresh content). Everything is about the financial markets, so if you are like me, you’ll just read and nod your head, pretending to understand what all that means.
  2. Coding Horror by Jeff Atwood: Two of my favourite software engineering writers out there who talk about the one aspect of technology that everyone forgets–human beings–are Spolsky (of Joel on Software) and Atwood. It’s been a while since I compiled source in a real programming language, but I still ardently follow the human side of software very closely. And I still think it’s the ubelievably rare manager who understands the human side of anything. I’ve been reading them for ages (and to my credit, much before say, Joel became so popular), and I can’t speak highly enough of them to practising professionals of the software craft.
  3. Noah Grey photography: Stunning work. Again, a long-time fan and follower of Noah’s work and I recommend her to you. Her ahem, greyscale shots are powerful.
  4. Berkshire Hathaway shareholder letters: Absolute gems, each of them. If you have any interest in investing, you should read all of them, word for word, starting from 1977.

So there ya go, I’m now what you might call, “four point someone.”


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