Things have changed some

Quick anecdote, fresh from the English summer: I was playing at a local badminton club yesterday and realized that the scoring system I had always played in until as recently as 2007 back in business school (wherein one gains a point only after winning back the serve and games end at 15) had quietly become relegated, unbeknownst to me, into what was called the “old system”.

In the new era, games end at 21 and you wins points (and the serve back) every time you win a rally (even if that is off your opponent’s serve).  I must’ve looked like a complete dork for the first 15 minutes as I was utterly oblivious to such tectonic movements in the badminton world. After several instances of people shuffling me into the right “box” to serve from, and being appropriately befuddled, I had to stop and enquire what the heck was going on. Which is when someone explained that “things have changed some”!

In other news, I have had to “sanitize” some content on my site for compliance and legal reasons, so the astute visitor might find that some content has been moved around. Well, what can I say, “things have changed some.”

Update: Just talked to one of my old badminton buddies. It looks like it’s not a recent change and has been around for at least 3-4 years. Um, my bad.

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