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Till debt do us part…

Let us drive away the evil effects of bad dreams, just as we pay off debts. –Rg Veda, 8.47.17. Ward off the she-wolf and the wolf; ward off the thief! O night full of waves, be easy for us to cross over! Darkness–palpable, black, and painted–has come upon me. O Dawn, banish it like a […]

Rabbits, touch screens and democracy

I’ll admit it: it’s not normal for me to think about rabbits in Australia at 4am on what’s looking like a perfectly good Sunday. But today’s ramble is about touch-screen tablets, rabbits and democracy. Well, the touch-screen thing, mostly. It so came to pass that over the last several weeks, I’ve been pondering whether I […]

I just don’t get it

Why is everyone going on and on about Twitter? Why? Technology is weird. Everything happens in “Internet time”, a new combination of space and time in which none of the old rules matter, or so we are led to believe. In the late 90s, there were hundreds of new ideas that promised to magically “revolutionize […]

Things have changed some

Quick anecdote, fresh from the English summer: I was playing at a local badminton club yesterday and realized that the scoring system I had always played in until as recently as 2007 back in business school (wherein one gains a point only after winning back the serve and games end at 15) had quietly become relegated, unbeknownst to […]

Investor’s bookshelf

Since I seem to be buying more than a few books every month these days (all hail the great Amazon), I thought it’d be useful to write down some of the better books on investing I’ve read and/or bought as a sort of paper trail for when I think of re-reading them. I would’ve loved […]

I don’t want to blog. I want to write.

I have a problem with the word “blog.” No, really. I don’t mind “website”, “web page” or “webspace.” On a particularly delightful day, I might even be hand-wavy at “weblog.” But the word “blog” is a downright irritant and has the unfailing effect of bringing out a wince on my face. What the hell kind […]

Down Usenet lane…

Exactly one day after I wrote that Jeff and Joel are two of my favourite writers, both of them announce a joint venture they’re doing called which is the new Usenet/newsgroup. For the dear reader who perhaps has not seen the wonder that is the Usenet – I learnt most of my real coding through Usenet […]

Talentless and soporific

What does a talentless, soporific New Age writer do when he realizes he is all three? Simple: he points elsewhere. Abnormal Returns: I’m not a fan of talentless, soporific New Age writers who point somewhere else, but this is a happy exception. The average quality of content being pointed to is very high and it’s […]

Mysteries of the wedding invite

WEDDING (n.) A ceremony at which two persons undertake to become one, and then spend the rest of their lives deciding which one. Dear, Dear Reader: (Nota Bene: The crucial details are right at the end, so if you are busy, maybe the scroll down button is a good idea.) We find the prospect of […]

Update and The Source

Time for some trivia. I work out of the same building as the London Stock Exchange at Paternoster Square. Here is a view from the inside. What you see in the picture is the famed artwork of Greyworld called The Source, which is a physical representation of the stock markets, a full eight stories high! […]

Securitizing death

Warning: the content in this article is long, boring and oftentimes both. During a meeting with company management for a project I recently worked on, I happened to have an interesting discussion with the CFO regarding the current liquidity in the global capital markets. He was an interesting chap and had quite a bit of his […]

The Invaluable Moment

It so came to pass that I was digging through my old archives of backed up files and folders; and lo, I find this piece of writing in the mishmash. I post it here since I think it is valuable enough to not lose, and valuable enough to share. I have no clue where I […]

IIM Bangalore Admission Process

The news IIM Bangalore has decided to go public and fully transparent with their flagship PGP selection process. I, for one, welcome that! Apparently, there’s been a heated debate amongst IIMB faculty regarding this move, but it’s now official. A 5-page document detailing the admission process is available on the IIMB website. I’m sure the […]