Short screeds, self syndicated

Usually I don’t ramble. But sometimes I do. Usually they’re unbearable. But sometimes they’re worse. These are my ramblings. Usually you won’t read them. But sometime, you will.

To make a verbose paragraph pithy, the bottom-line is this: outcomes from here are skewed heavily towards the so-called fat tails of the probability distribution–on the one end is high inflation and on the other, much like yin to yang, rests deflation. So what is an investor to do?

The problem I have with amateur link-and-run journalism is that it is long on linking but short on investigation, thereby weakening a key foundational checks-and-balance system within democracy. But there’s hope still.

To me, all Twitter does is add more noise to an already tedius cacophony, 140 bytes at a time. Twitter is not going to change the way we live, work, play or communicate. It’s just not.

All I had to do was to predict the future. How could it be any simpler? Securitizing death. (I must warn: in some circles it is no longer considered fashionable to be caught doing these things.)

It will take slow years, but they will be memorable years, enjoyable years, boyish, impish, exciting years; for as the code that you scripted dashes beneath the motherboard in all the flamboyance that you imagined, you will have complete, absolute, unquestionable power over the machine. You will be the Master, and the machine will serve you.

You and I – the reality is going to end any moment now. And then, you alone will remain.

A novice once asked a master sculptor how to sculpt an elephant. The master replied: Take a big rock, kid, and then chip off everything that does not look like an elephant. There’s more to web design that just HTML.

Why do I even bother? From seeing the vertices to seeing the lattice. Penmanship and me.

The laws of knowledge say that the light of knowledge extinguishes the darkness of ignorance. Thamaso ma jyothirgamaya. The light of knowledge also reveals the dusty corners of the barn you never knew existed. The more you know, the more you don’t know. Something obscure, by virtue of the still more obscure.

A good essay is interesting. The rest is just corollary. What’s in a good essay?

Two persons undertake to become one. But which one?

An epitaph for a failed software project…under the STARS.

In the beginning, there was nothing.  Then, there was light!